Supporters Of

Sheltered Animals,


We promote the humane

 treatment of all animals. 

The process to adopt a new family member from Supporters of Sheltered Animals begins with the adoption application and includes an interview and a home visit.  Please download the application from the link above.  The application can be emailed to or mailed to S.O.S.A.1228 Blanding Street, Starke, Fl  32091. 

 All  of our dogs and cats are adopted only to homes that will keep the cats inside all of the time and the dogs inside most of the time.  All dogs must be in homes with fenced in yards unless the dog will be outside only on a leash.   None of our animals are adopted as yard dogs or outside cats.


This lifetime commitment shouldn't be entered into lightly.  All animals need to be included in your daily life and be treated as family members.   They might have days when they throw up, get sick, injured or develop a life threatening disease.  They might also claw the furniture or tear things up.  Adopting a dog or cat means that you accept this. 


We have made a committment to the animals that we rescue.  We provide them with all the medical care that they need.  They are spayed/neutered, given all of their shots, chipped and provided with a safe, loving environment to live until we can find that special home for them.  We aren't just trying to find any home for our animals...we're looking for the perfect home for our treasured rescues. 


 Our goal is to find you a great pet and the pet a forever home!  Our adoption policy was modeled after the requirements of other animal welfare groups and shelters nationwide. Our process is designed to ensure the best possible placement of each animal. This process can be emotional for everyone and so we ask for your patience as we go through this process of adding a family member to your home.  S.O.S.A. relies on an adoption application, personal interview, vet/personal references, a home visit and the interaction between the pet and potential owner to determine if an adoption is possible. S.O.S.A. implores each applicant to answer every question thoroughly and honestly. Misinformation, or lack thereof, can end in disappointment for the applicant and the new family pet. If you have any questions about the process please do not hesitate to contact us at or call 904-964-6947.


We have an open return policy on any animal that we have ever adopted.  All you have to do is call.

It is our belief that every animal, like every person, has its own personality.  We are match makers.