Supporters Of

Sheltered Animals,


We promote the humane

 treatment of all animals.


Donations are needed to continue our work.  Please click on the donate link to make a donation.

We always need the following items:


cat litter(arm and hammer)

cat and dog food(Purina Complete and Purina for small dogs

Chlorox wipes

paper towels

Call us we will come pick it up!  904-964-6947



S.O.S.A. Is Dedicated To The Humane Treatment Of All Animals


We Promote


The Spay/Neutering Of All Pets

The Rights Of All Pets and Other Animals To Have Proper Shelter, Food, Water, Medical Care,

And To Be Treated With Love



We Are An Animal Rescue


We Rescue And Find Loving Homes For Animals That Have Been Abandoned And/Or Surrendered By Their Owners



We also provide a Sanctuary for animals.  It is called Ann's Place.  We provide a safe, loving environment for animals who may not be adoptable and would normally face euthanization. 

At S.O.S.A. we are always rescuing animals.  However, our biggest project this year has got to be Rocky.  He is a lab/pointer mix. He is only approximately 1.5 years old.  Yet he has been through so much.  He has been hit by a car that caused nerve damage to his left front leg.  He isn't neuter and he is heavy heart worm positive.  He has lived most of his life on a zip line.  Neighbors who cared asked us to save Rocky.  At first Rocky's owner wouldn't sign him over to us.  But later he consented and we took possession of Rocky.  Rocky's left front leg was amputated, he was neutered and he is doing well.  He loves people and water.  He had his first bath and loved it.  We are treating his heart worms with the slow kill method.  It will take time but it is the best method for Rocky.  Come meet Rocky and fall in love.